here's how you can afford to pay for ltc


How Expensive is Long Term Care?

   Professional  Home Care can be from $1,000 a month, or so, up to skilled 24/7 care of over $10,000. Assisted Living  & Memory Care can run from $2,500 to $6,000.  Nursing Home care can go over $10,000 a month.  Can you afford that?  

How Can You Plan for the Future?

Life Insurance is meant to build a legacy and/or to prepare for an early loss, and Annuities are designed to safely grow your Nest Egg.  

Both now have innovative features that offer early cash availability and/or expanded benefits to help pay for LTC.  It means you can continue your planning and keeping your Nest Egg growing, yet still be able to leverage your funds in case of a Long Term Care crisis. 

The Alternative is Crisis Planning

Certain VA benefits for Veterans and spouses and Medicaid are still available on a restricted basis.  Both programs have seen major changes in the last decade. Both are tightening benefit eligibility and both appear to be in an institutional "Delay & Deny" mode. Pre planning will avoid this "Crisis Planning".