Plan ahead for "Rocky Times" for Peace of Mind


The New Age of Long Term Care Planning

You have been planning diligently for your retirement.  But what will you do if you or your partner gets sick and needs Long Term Care?

OK, you will probably be in the 30% who WILL NOT EVER need Long term Care.  But, in the unlikely event that you are in that 70%, how will you pay for it?

Most People Have a Two-Part Plan

Part 1. Cross your fingers & hope you will not need Long Term Care (LTC).

Part 2. Use your retirement Nest Egg to pay for LTC, hoping it will be enough to (a) pay for care, (b) have enough for home & family expenses, and (c) maybe even leave a Legacy for your loved ones.

When is it Too Late to Plan?

Except where there are extreme health issues, it is almost never too late to plan for that stage of life - even if you are already there. 

My mission is to listen carefully and then bring families up to date on "New Age of Long Term Care Planning".