I Work With "Safe Money Only" so you can Avoid a Cracked Nest Egg

The Cracked Nest Egg

Retirees' #1 Risk and #1 Fear is running short of income & assets.

 There are three ways to outlive your Nest Egg:

#1.  Underestimating what you will need to live on in Retirement.

#2.   Living a REALLY long time.  This is the one most of us worry about.

#3.  Needing Long Term Care.  Most of us do not plan for this. But it is estimated that 70% of those over 65, WILL need Long Term Care.

What is Safe Money & Why Is It Important?

It's those funds that you must protect for retirement,  and they absolutely can't be exposed to market risk.  

"Risk" is what others do to get where you already are.

Specifically, insurance and annuities that guarantee no loss of principal while still providing a reasonable annual return, are the key to safe money saving, legacy planning and investing.

Should All Your Savings Be In "Safe Money"?

 Absolutely not!  Safe Money is for the funds you absolutely, positively must have for retirement. Feel free to risk the rest in the markets.